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Energetic Alignment

These courses are aimed at all those who have an interest and feel a call to engage in a process of healing and harmonization on the level of the soul and of the personality. Participants will receive guidance during a process of introspection and learning which will enable them to interact effectively with others. Each session is independent yet complements the others and offers an opportunity to experience new discoveries and new and deeper ways of understanding the human being and the soul in all their complexity.

Level 1

This course examines the sphere of our subtle bodies.
Participants learn to feel and identify the different subtle bodies through the aid of their senses. They will explore different strategies of working with their vital energy, the prana, in order to restore it to its full and free expression within our energy complex.
The 6 days course include:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the subtle bodies.
  • The median line.
  • Configurations: identification of the energetic blockages.
  • The intervention on the subtle bodies.

Link between the energetic blockages and the beliefs systems and the archetypes.

  • Requirement: Reiki level 1 :

Level 2

This course gives the participants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the internal energy structure of the physical body. We will experiment with different techniques to measure and interact with the energies contained within the chakras. These interventions can allow the soul to deepen its roots within the physical body.
The 6 days course include: :

  • The energetic system of the chakras.
  • The heart chakra.
  • The consciousness chakra.
  • The channel of energy: the shushumna.
  • The re-integration of the Soul in the physical body.
  • Requirement: Course level, Reiki level 2

Level 3

This course will introduce participants to another level of the energy structure connected with the physical body.
The 6 days course include:

  • The vortex of the chakras.
  • The core of the subtle bodies.
  • The etheric thymus (the karmic heart).
  • The system of the subtle channels.
  • The regeneration of the vibratory nervous system.
  • The subtle bridges between soul mates.
  • Requirement: Courses level-1 and 2, Reiki level 2

Level 4

The goal of this course is the awakening and recognition of the divine Consciousness within our cells. The teachings learned at this level give us access to new dimensions of reality within our incarnation.
The 6 days courses include:

  • The energetic harmonization between the hara, the thymus and the consciousness chakras
  • The energetic alignment of the genetic code of the Soul and the personality.
  • Requirement: Courses level-1-2-3

The teacher training course
Available after the completion of the courses level -1-2-3-4
For more information about theses courses call:
Ninon Prévost
(514) 363-4215

Past and Present Life Regression

The training allows us to access and integrate memories of other lives in which we have experienced the expansion of our Consciousness and moments of merging with a higher Self. The course delivers a deep understanding of the process of karma and the different stages of the path to liberation and healing, from the astral level to our present incarnation.

The 5 week-ends training include:

1rst week-end: The role and the dialogue with the unconscious.
The process of the relaxation.

Second week-end: The astral plane. The energy of the karma. The akashic memory.
The concept of past life.

Third week-end: The time of birth and childhood.

Fourth week-end The pre-birth and the intra-uterine life.

Fifth week-end The choice of the incarnation.

  • Requirement: Course level-1, Reiki level-1

The Teacher Training Course
Available after the completion of the course.
Ninon Prévost
(514) 363-4215

Dr. Usui's System of Natural Healing

Reiki is a sacred art which allows the life energy to freely circulate within us, through the laying on of hands. Reiki means Universal Life Force, that force which is present everywhere in the universe. According to Reiki philosophy we are all made of this energy and are thus called to enter into relationship with it. Reiki is a daily spiritual practice which transforms and harmonizes our being on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It allows us in a very direct and effective way to restore ourselves to full energy. Reiki is neither a religion nor a specific doctrine, but rather an ancient art of healing which enables us naturally to activate our inner energy and to come to recognize our true nature. The traditional teaching of Reiki involves three levels of initiation.

Level 1: The participant learns how to channel the Reiki energy through the laying on of hands on oneself and on others.

Level 2: Participants learn how to make use of sacred symbols to work on different levels of our being. At this stage they learn about and come in contact with new dimensions of energy.

Level 3: This is the level of mastery. After practicing on a regular basis and fully integrating the knowledge gained in the first two levels, the practitioner who feels a call to further knowledge can receive the teachings which permit him/her to become a Reiki Master.


Éveil des Corps de Lumière
Séminaire de 3 jours sur la dimension de l’anatomie énergétique.

Présentation de l’anatomie énergétique : les 7 corps subtils, les chakras et les différents systèmes.
Exercices d’apprentissage pour ressentir les corps de lumière à travers les sens.
La méditation et la prière et le silence.
Technique d’activation des corps de lumière.
Technique d’activation des chakras.
Technique d’utilisation des pierres et des cristaux.
Utilisation de la respiration, du souffle, du prana.
L’importance de l’hygiène spirituelle.
Comment devenir un canal pour la Grâce divine.
Technique de protection.
Initiation des chakras supérieurs.

Pour toutes informations sur les dates et lieu du séminaire :
Ninon Prévost
(514) 363-4215

Pèlerinage de l’âme
Voyage initiatique

Depuis plusieurs siècles, millénaires, à travers plusieurs incarnations, plusieurs expériences inter-dimensionnelles, vous avez imprégnés dans la structure de vos corps physique, éthérique, émotionnel, mental et astral, plusieurs conditionnements, des systèmes de croyance, des modèles d’autodestruction. La source de ces conditionnements est ancrée dans vos pensées, vos paroles et vos actions. Ces énergies qui vous limitent se sont solidifiées et cristallisées profondément dans vos cellules. Ainsi le même modèle de vie semble se répéter encore et encore. Et ceci est sans fin jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient libérés et guérit.

Dans le monde des Âmes, dans les plans supérieurs de conscience, bien avant votre naissance, ces impressions énergétiques, ces mémoires que l’on appelle le Karma s’imprègnent déjà sur la composition de vos corps, de votre esprit et de votre âme. C’est ce qui fait que maintenant vous êtes le résultat de vos expériences et de vos choix passés. Ces impressions font partie de la nature même de votre essence et crée ce que vous acceptez de vous. Il est maintenant le temps de vous libérer et de transmuter ces impressions dans l’énergie de l’amour et de la Grâce.

Dans ce pèlerinage, vous serez invité dans un voyage à l’intérieur de vous-même. Par la méditation, la contemplation et le silence, vous allez retrouver votre histoire inscrite dans la profondeur de votre corps et de vos chakras.

Permettez-vous de vous retirer de vos activités quotidiennes, pour vous ressourcer et reprendre contact avec votre âme.

Le pèlerinage se vit à l’intérieur de séminaire et aussi lors d’un voyage de ressourcement.

Pour toutes informations contactez :
Ninon Prévost
(514) 363-4215