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Ninon Prévost is a spiritual teacher and author. She has worked in the field of energetic healing and personal development for many years. She has developed a method for the ALIGNMENT of the SOUL and the PERSONALITY which improve the individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

She is a member of the Academy of Naturopaths, a vedic astrologer, a nutritionist, Reiki Master, and a meditation and yoga teacher. She is certified from the Academy of Advanced Healing Art and from the school Anschma-International; Ninon is a teacher in Spiritual Angelic Healing and Past Lives Regression.

She co-authored of the book Wings of Light and has published many articles on the subject of energetic healing and spiritual growth in Canadian magazines.

Ninon is recognised for her profound understanding of the human soul and her commitment to assist others on their paths of spiritual unfoldment.

Alignment of the Soul and of the Personality

True healing must take place through the soul. It is the soul who has chosen to take incarnation on the earth in order to heal its wounds and those of the personality accumulated in the course of numerous existences, and to become free from them permanently.

The method used in the alignment of the soul and the personality is a global approach to the human being; its aim is to become aware of the soul and the potential power of its creative love to act within each of us. It is a spiritual and energetic approach adapted to the needs of each individual, whether the problems be on the physical, the emotional or the spiritual level. This method encompasses a group of complementary therapies which work together towards transformation of the body, the personality and the soul. It invites us to seek our deepest identity through the recognition of our inner soul. Firstly, through the energetic alignment of our subtle bodies and the different systems which compose our energetic anatomy? Intervention on this level promotes the free circulation of our vital energy and activates the light within our soul. This process allows for the breaking up of different blockages rooted within us which prevent us from freely expressing ourselves and from flowing with life. Acting on this level brings up past impressions, emotions, deeply rooted systems of belief and behavioural patterns which can then be recognized on the level of the personality.

So many individuals act in conflict with their mission in life and refuse to accept the conditions and circumstances in which they are placed. The attitude of standing in opposition to our own life and the failure to recognize the soul constitute a source of pain and suffering for us as individuals. This refusal prevents the soul from fully inhabiting our physical bodies and taking charge of our chosen incarnation. However, when the subtle anatomy is properly aligned, the soul is freed to manifest its presence to a greater extent. It allows the personality to be more attuned to the soul and to better understand and accept its present life situation. This natural healing process empowers us to retake charge of our lives and accede to a greater autonomy. Energetic alignment relieves stress, fatigue and promotes inner peace.

In this process the vibrations of the soul are enhanced allowing them to bring energy to our cells. Life is thus transformed into a series of possible experiences which become the stage for the development and the fulfillment of the individual. When the soul and the personality are aligned and harmonized in a unitary vision we are empowered as individuals to manifest our life mission.

The goal of this therapy is to transform the relationship between the soul and the personality, thus creating the foundation essential for the expression of our divine essence.


Le livre «Les Corps de Lumière» propose une vision inédite et globale de notre structure énergétique et de la véritable nature de la guérison qui est inconditionnelle.

Nous sommes composés d’un corps physique, d’émotions, de pensées, de conditionnements et de croyances.

Notre structure est alimentée par tous ces éléments et aucun malaise de notre corps physique ne peut être isolé et exister sans ces influences. Chaque émotion retenue, chaque pensée qui s’est figée, chaque mémoire qui retient l’expansion créent des blocages énergétiques qui auront avec le temps une manifestation dans le corps physique.

Ces manifestations s’appelleront malaises, inconforts, maladies.

Ce livre ouvre la voie, sur la connaissance de soi, de la structure énergétique et des bienfaits amenés par l’harmonisation énergétique.