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Energetic Alignment

The following systems must be addressed in order to experience the full alignment of the energetic anatomy.

The Subtle Bodies System

  • The 7 bodies of light
  • The median line
  • The energetic blockages
  • The link between the blockages and the beliefs systems

The Chakras System

  • The seven main chakras
  • The heart chakra
  • The consciousness chakra
  • The subtle channel: the shushumna
  • The reintegration of the soul

The Global System

  • The vortex
  • The core and the vibratory masses
  • The energetic thymus
  • The subtle channels
  • The regeneration of the vibratory nervous system

The Genetic Code System

  • The alignment of the energetic code of the soul and the personality

Memories Integration (Regression)

Thus the cells get empowered by the enhanced vibrations of the soul. The life of the individual gets transformed and he becomes a reflection of his divine essence.

The following phases of life must be addressed:

  • The pre-birth, the choice of incarnation
  • The intra-uterine life
  • The time of birth and childhood
  • The present life
  • The past lives

At the exact moment a child is born, a map is drawn, outlining the karmic patterns to be experienced in this present life. This map is written in the language of the planets and the stars.

Profile of the soul and the personality

Vedic astrology is a powerful tool of self-knowledge. The greatest advantage is that the knowledge gained from a reading can be used to help the individual to develop his unique potential.

By becoming aware of both your positive and negative tendencies, you can cultivate your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses, so that you live a more fulfilled life, which is in harmony with the Divine.

This science is based on the theory of the karma, which means the result of yours past thoughts and actions. So the natal chart is the projection of those karmas, which are the blueprint of the life-lessons that need to be experienced in this lifetime. Each person has the power to transform his or her life experience by self-effort and free will. Just as a bird requires two wings to fly, so it is with our life. We need the self-effort and the divine Grace in order for us to fly.


  • Profile of the personality.
  • Profile of the soul: the passions, desires and the shadows.
  • Analysis of the various aspects of life: health, education, career, relationship.
  • Spiritual development.
  • Planetary transit.
  • Beneficial influence of the stones and the colors.